Life Changing Psychotherapy

Struggling with depression or anxiety?
Still conflicted about your ability to have loving relationships?
Need help with your career and financial issues?
Recovering from an addiction?

You can get out of depression or anxiety and learn to live from a place of feeling safe, hopeful, and assertive. You can have the loving relationships you need and deserve. You can find the right, prosperous career. Psychotherapy can also help leverage you out of an addiction.

None of us succeeds if we are alone in life. We all need help. Working together, we can use psychotherapy to bring about the fulfillment of your goals. You don’t have to be alone in your problems. You might have found that being alone in them was leading you nowhere. Most people feel that way.

My practice is geared to break through the blocks that are preventing you from coming into the life and the goal fulfillment you want.

Specializing In:

Depression / Anxiety
Releasing Relationship Blocks
Couples Counseling
GBLT Issues
Sexual Identity Issues
Career / Finance Issues
Drug / Alcohol Addiction
Sex & Love Addiction
Group Therapy
Life Coaching

Please call 310-854-2043 or e-mail me to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.


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